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Please Read: Security Procedure

Last night, the PrestaShop’s official website,, was hacked, resulting in the misappropriation of a script intended for transcribing news information in the Back Office of PrestaShop stores. The entire PrestaShop team dedicated ourselves to identifying and fixing this issue as quickly as possible. That fix has been completed.

PrestaShop Success Story – Melinda Odom of Design Hosting

Open-source software can sometimes be difficult for first-timers to learn, especially since there is so much room for change and customization. But Melinda Odom of Design Hosting has committed herself to simplifying that process for everyone, from our newest users to the most active PrestaShop developers.

Posting a blog for your online shop: 5 good reasons to get closer to your clients

As you know, it is very important to humanise your shop as we have mentioned in our tip of the week, ” 6 points to reassure your customer “, where we discussed the importance of displaying a phone number and email address To really get in touch with your community you can add a blog on your boutique . Blogs are very easy to manage and they allow you to post articles that add another dimension to your shop in a short space of time. You can write about upcoming sales, new products, special discounts, organise competitions or simply share your ideas and desires with your customers: there are no limits to a blog’s potential.