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Why Use Faceted Navigation?

73% of internet users leave an online store within two minutes if they don’t find what they’re looking for, 96% say that they search feature is important to their buying process , and 40% use the site’s internal search engine. Today, internet users are impatient and zap through sites quickly. They like to have everything at their disposal right away.

How to go International with an E-Commerce Website?

Currently only 7% of European consumers buy online from a foreign site, yet many e-commerce sites are trying to extend their products internationally. Their main motivation is an increase of turnover; a study by Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Community) shows that 11% of international e-commerce site sales come from foreign consumers. This strategy can really pay off.

A new Physical Data Model available for PrestaShop!

Good news for our friends developers, we are proud to offer today the physical data model of PrestaShop, which has been updated to reflect the changes made in PrestaShop v1.4.7.2. The main benefit of this document is to understand quicker the PrestaShop database and to easily identify the main tables (ps_product, ps_orders, etc.). It is also very helpful if you plan to extend PrestaShop’s functionalities and to create your own tables

News about the 1.5 version: we need your efforts!

We know that you expect it and the 18 PrestaShop developers of the solution and the whole team are working hard to bring you the best 1.5 final version as soon as possible. Throughout the development process, many features have been added to those we had anticipated when the developments of version 1.5 began. These features, which will be very useful for every shop and the whole community, delayed this release.